VABORO, Made the tool that can relax and improve body and face Skin and Muscle Tone. I discover this amazing tool in one of the famous oriental doctor's offices.

The doctor used a spike roller for the niddle because she said some kids can't take the niddle for acupuncture treatment. She said it makes the kid relaxed and calm. With that spike roller, the doctor is able to reach the tic disorder which is " a compulsive, repetitive sound or movement that's often difficult to control". The doctor treated a kid who has Tic disorder and she was successful in using the spike roller to help the kid calm down. That is where my VABORO body and face roller come from. VABORO team researched, designed, and create this amazing tool to help more people can have a healthy and relaxed body and skin. Our product helps people to increase blood circulation, release muscle tension, and reduce stress and anxiety. It also helps to improve skin texture and elasticity.
At VABORO, we are confident in our high-quality stainless steel spike, dual and double side face, and body roller. We aim to make this VABORO Beauty Roller available to as many people as possible because we believe in its ability to make you healthy and younger-looking skin. The word "VABORO" is derived from "vital acupuncture body and face roller." Our product is based on the ancient practice of acupuncture and has been updated for the modern consumer. The VABORO Beauty Roller is a simple, easy-to-use device that can be used at home or on the go. It is safe and effective for all skin types.


All of our fabrics come from French or Italian mills that have adopted sustainable practices.