Did You Know Ice Face Roller Can Heal Your Breakouts?

Are you ready for another TikTok trend? Skin icing is the latest trend that's taken over social feeds, in which individuals massage ice face rollers (or make their own by filling and freezing empty lip balm tubes!) over their faces for a fast glow-up. This trend is not a flash in the pan. Instead, it is here to stay. Wondering why we are saying this. Well, you will get to know by reading along. 

So, without squandering any time, let's move forward and learn all about ice face roller

What Is An Ice Face Roller?

Ice rollers for face are skincare appliances that employ a freezing roller to massage the face. Ice rollers decrease redness and depuff and bring shine to dull skin – sounds pretty amazing, right? VABORO Stainless Steel Facial Ice Roller is a cooling effect that aids in the reduction of puffiness and irritation. Aside from reducing fine lines and wrinkles, this sort of face roller may assist in alleviating tension in the facial muscles, preventing the formation of new wrinkles. And it has a large, easy-to-grip handle. 

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Experts believe that icing your face is generally safe. They only advise avoiding it if you have sensitive or reactive skin or an existing problem like rosacea. People with rosacea should avoid icing their skin since it might react poorly to severe temperatures. You can reduce flushing by pressing an ice cube to the roof of your mouth. An ice cube restricts the key vessels that cause the flush.

How Should An Ice Face Roller Be Used?

Ice rollers for the face surely have a plethora of merits (which we will discuss later in the article), but it is vital to utilize them properly. So, proceed further to know how to use an ice face roller. 

Clean Up

Wash your face! Because you may dislike the way, ice rolling makes your serum feel. So, prefer to ice roll before applying any cosmetics. However, you may completely ice roll over your serum or moisturizer - experiment and find what works best for you!


Roll over your forehead and temples gently before moving on to your chin, cheeks, and neck. Use it in back-and-forth strokes. Repeat as needed for up to 10 minutes. 


Now that you've rolled on a clean face, it's time to hydrate. To make your skin glowy, use a good moisturizer. 

What Exactly Does An Ice Roller Do? Here Are The Advantages Of Using An Ice Roller

Stainless Steel Facial Ice Roller - Vaboro

Women today are in binding need of ice rollers as they significantly help in depuffing your cheeks. Combing phones till late at night often causes eye puffiness and makes us look dreary. But, if you have an ice face roller, you can work with your lymphatic drainage, reducing facial puffiness and hence, improving blood flow. 

Now, as it fixes your blood flow, it resultantly aids in increasing cell turnover, collagen formation, and product absorption. 

Pro Tip: Always remember to wait a few minutes after applying a good-quality serum on your face. 

Heal Headaches

Besides the above benefits, this gadget is the real McCoy in healing headaches. It works as a cold compress and relieves headaches. Furthermore, it eradicates all the stiffness and stress caused by a hectic life routine. Moreover, it effectively brings down inflammation or skin sensitivity. Since ice rolling improves blood flow, it's ideal for temporarily lowering redness or other symptoms of skin irritation.

Brighter Complexion

Ice rolling gently massages your face, bringing more blood to the skin's surface and resulting in a brighter complexion. Your skin becomes radiant and glows like never before.

Ice Face Roller Makes Your Skin Look Tighter

The strong combination of increased blood circulation and lymph stimulation makes skin seem brighter, tighter, and more firm.

Wrap Up

Looking at the benefits above may have convinced you to buy one for yourself. And if this is the case, you can scroll down our website to pick the stainless steel ice roller for face. You will get all the benefits with it without burning the holes in your pocket. 

FAQ About Ice Face Rollers

When should you use ice rollers for face?

Whenever you wish! Prefer to use an ice face roller in the morning to wake your skin and reduce morning swelling. However, some prefer ice face roller in their night skincare regimen. Moreover, you can make the most of this roller whenever your face looks tired, such as after a plane journey or any other time your face needs a little pick-me-up.

How long should you use the ice face roll?

Ice roll for 5 to 15 minutes for the optimum benefits — but don't spend too long in one location because it does get chilly.

How do you clean an ice roller?

Cleanse the ice face roller after every usage or once a week(at least). Clean the roller completely, including the handle, with a few drops of your face cleanser or a light soap.